Former Acting Assistant Commissioner who passed away 31 January 2022 
The Mitchell family are sad to announce the passing of Edward Mitchell OBE QPM of Melbourne Derbyshire formerly of Hillingdon. 
He passed away peacefully on the 31st of January after spending some time in hospital. 
Dad was a loving Dad and Grandad. He was meticulous, hardworking, a perfectionist in everything he did. He devoted his working career to the Metropolitan Police, serving 37 years, and retiring after he had reached the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner in 1993. Since then, he has enjoyed a long retirement with Mum. They loved moving to the countryside first in Birch in Essex and then in recent years to Melbourne near Cathy after spending all his life in London. He created beautiful gardens full of vegetables and fruits in abundance. He loved collecting various antiques, including a large collection of clocks, which he loved winding up, restoring and looking after. 
Mum and Dad also loved travelling the world, they went on so many trips and cruises to all sorts of places. Dad was a daily walker and avid reader, and in recent years loved history and tales of War. 
He is survived by his devoted wife Peggy, and his 3 children Paul, Cathy & Julia and his 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. 
Edward Mitchell is a former Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Personnel and Training. 
He was involved in operational and specialist police duties throughout the metropolis, played a part in community liaison schemes and headed a police project team to plan the Command & Control computerised communication system. 
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On 23rd July 2022 at 18:02, Simon Birch wrote:
This is very sad news indeed and our deepest condolences to Peggy, Paul, Cathy & Julie. My father Trevor Birch joined the Met in 1956 and was posted to Uxbridge Police Station where he and Eddie became great friends. Dad still talks about Eddie to this day, of how he had early aspirations to get to the top of the job. Eddie became my brothers godfather and we would often visit them at their house in Hillingdon. He was a very skilled man even doing a bit of barbering in his garage, great with the clippers. To a young lad in the 1960s he was 12' tall but in reality only about 6'7". Between Eddie Mitchell and my father no one could have had better role models. I joined the job myself in 1981. Rest in Peace Uncle Eddie.
On 12th April 2022 at 10:23, Edward Peel wrote:
I was Ted Mitchell's Staff Officer at Scotland Yard. We also went together to visit the Police Service in California for research, following an invitation from a senior Californian officer who we had assisted with research in London.. We both collected and researched antique clocks as a passion. A true gentleman. Sending our condolences to Peggy and family. Ted and Christine.
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