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Mr Wise of the Yard 
Ex Police Constable Robert Wise - shoulder number 624 V, 639TD 
Born 08/08/1933 passed 01/11/2021 
Joined Met December 1963, aged 30, Retired 08/08/1993 
• Peel House, with cubicles and a busted bicycle, Instruction Book 
• Mitcham, (sectional to Tooting, 1965 to Wimbledon 
Duties included uniformed patrol dealing with domestics, restaurant bilkers, lost dogs, assisting mental health officers, 
Aid to other boroughs which included Wembley, 1968 Cup Final, Grosvenor Square, Festival of Light, the Juggernaut and the Guru. 
Traffic Patrol. Getting in (aged 40) 
Barnes Traffic Garage – solos and Land Rovers, Marble Arch before the traffic lights, more demonstrations, over weight and over length convoys. early IRA bombs and threats (before specialist squads) 
Qualified in ; advanced driving (aged 43), Triumph 2500 PI cars, vehicle examinations, accident investigations, 
Duties on Traffic included ; coming of the seat belt, and the breathalyser, the Ring of Steel and Balcombe Street, killing of Yvonne Fletcher, the Royal Wedding, ambulance escorts, the Belgrave Square Silver Jubilee fiasco, displays and fetes, , Brixton schools, Great Ormond Street mission, 
Personnel Department 
‘Mr Wise of the Yard,’ working with/and under civilians, assisting the Commissioner with medals, interviewing senior officers, getting my name on a book, computers and me, “who is that gentleman in the corner?” Return to Peel ‘Centre’. 
The gentleman was PC Bob Wise before he retired in 1993, proud to be a Constable. 
Speakers Club 
Historical tours of old buildings 
History research and presentations to his local U3A 
Visiting old RAF airfields and museums. 
Mr Wise of the yard will be dearly missed by his family and his wide circle of friends 
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