An appeal to retired officers from Mia Harvey of Rogan Productions. 
The BBC are looking to speak to retired Police Officers for a major historical BBC documentary about the British Black Power Movement in the UK. 
It is our intention to cover the entire period in detail over 90 minutes from the mid-1960s to the end of the movement in the mid-1970s, by use of archive film and interviews, encompassing the collective origins of the main activists, their early experiences and the seminal moments which helped to form the founding principles of the British Black Power movement. We also want to assess the impact that black-led radical, social and political engagement had on ordinary black people in Britain during this period. 
The relationship between the Metropolitan Police and the Black Power activists and various political groups, is one of the areas we intend to focus on. It is of paramount importance to us to make a balanced documentary that accurately reflects BOTH perspectives. We are therefore keen to speak to retired officers who are willing to share their opinion and point of view of the period, whichever side that may be on. 
In particular, we are interested in speaking to individual police officers who might have been involved with or had interactions with black political activists or groups in Notting Hill and Brixton. For example, members of the Black Panthers (Darcus Howe, Altheia Jones Leciante, Olive Morris etc) or anyone associated with the Mangrove restaurant (Frank Critchlow) within the period of 1967- 1975. The policeman’s perspective is invaluable, and YOUR version of events is incredibly important historically. 
If this is something you think you would be interested in and would like to be part of, or if you have any questions about the documentary please email Any assistance that you could offer us would be of huge personal importance to the BBC. 
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